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Delivery Information

Delivery Information

How can I get free shipping?

You get free shipping when you buy two or more pills

Shipping: Products are expected to be delivered to you within 3-14 working days.

Homley uses its own or large fleet to ship international and domestic products, such as (DHL, FedEx, Aramex, SMSA).



When the customer receives the consignment number of any shipping company, which results in a delay in shipping, the customer has the right to enter the trucking company’s website, verify its shipment, and write to the trucking company.

What if I receive my shipment incomplete or wrong?

We will apologize to you first, and you have the full right. You will submit a ticket by mail Write what happened with you and you must add pictures with the order and we will study the request within 48 hours and take the appropriate action, which is to exchange products and receive your products as well We will serve you as required We just want You must raise the assistance ticket, and Humly has full entitlement in the event that it is proven that the assistance ticket does not comply with the conditions by rejecting the request and closing the ticket.


What if I do not receive my paid shipment?

The shipments remain with the shipping company if you do not receive it for 5 days and if you do not receive your shipment due to a reason outside your control or any other reason such as travel, busyness, we will serve you as well. With you, in case you want to recharge it, there will be an additional fee for shipping the shipment, to be paid in advance in the amount of 30 riyals, other delivery fees.

What if my shipment is delayed?

If we do not achieve what we have mentioned and the shipment is delayed, you will receive a coupon of 25 riyals in your wallet for a period of 30 days, which you are entitled to use at any time and on specific products.